Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud solutions help clients move their file storage and local email systems from where they were traditionally held, on site, over to a cost effective and secure offsite location.

This protects our clients from problems and events such as equipment failure and theft.

One of the best ways to make sure that your business stays up to date, secure and expandable, is to utilise Cloud based solutions. This way of thinking means you end up being delivered a better service or better services, from a more service orientated solution.

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Geeforce Technologies are the managed service provider you can rely on when it comes to cloud solutions.

Whether you’re looking for out in the open public access to the cloud, which is available to everyone, or more of a private, walled garden kind of arrangement, Geeforce Technologies can meet your requirements.

If you’re looking for long term data retention, where you decide exactly how much data is kept and for how long, we can offer solutions for that too.

Disaster recovery as a service is something we offer in collaboration with our trusted provider Unitrends, and this limits the potential for lost business and lost earnings due to computer down time by using the cloud as a place to shift and store data, even in an emergency situation.

In a changing world, both online and offline, protecting your data from things such as ransomware, natural disasters such as site flooding is of paramount importance to any business.

The cloud solutions we offer can help you get your business back up and running in no time at all, even if a catastrophe occurs at one of your main business sites.

Office 365

Convenience, familiarity, constant updates, Office 365 has it all, which is why it is our ‘go to’ cloud based solution.

As a Microsoft Partner, we can offer clients the annual price of Office 365, but spread out over a 12 month period.

This means you can enjoy all of the benefits of Office 365 on a monthly subscription that costs you less than you’d normally expect to pay.

Using everything that Microsoft has to offer from their Cloud services might only appeal to a select few individuals or businesses, but given its history, popularity and just how embedded it is in to our daily work lives, the Office 365 Cloud solution is a frequent favourite for all kinds of clients, for a number of reasons.

Before committing to any kind of service provider, as well as any monthly subscriptions and sign ups, you have to know what it is that you want.

Geeforce Technologies help clients work out exactly what it is they want to get from Office 365.

It sounds a lot simpler than it is, but unless you identify how you intend to use the cloud services offered by Office 365, you could end up paying for services that you’re never going to use. It just doesn’t make sense.

Geeforce Technologies will work with you so that it all makes sense, helping you get what you want from Office 365, whatever that might be.

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Managed Backup

Even though Office 365 is a safe place for your business to store its data, it isn’t necessarily as ‘backed up’ as it could be.

Geeforce Technologies offers managed backup solutions for every situation, whether it’s for a whole site or just an individual desktop.

As your managed service provider , Geeforce Technologies offers Office 365 daily backups, covering you for your One Drive, sharepoint sites and your email.

Having moved everything across to a Cloud based infrastructure , one of the last things you want to have to do is put in a great deal of leg work to ensure adequate backup is provided. Fortunately, with our expertise and knowhow, you won’t have to.

We can help to provide you and your business with a hassle free cloud backup approach, where end to end encryption and complete visibility are provided on an infinite scale, giving you more peace of mind than any number of USB sticks and external hard drives could ever provide.

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