Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyberattack sounds like a heart attack, and it can certainly feel like one when you discover all your business data is missing and your computers won’t start up…

A cyberattack is where someone has had unauthorised access to your computer, usually via the internet, and has done something malicious and/ or criminal.

It has never been more important to safeguard yourself and your business from cyberattacks.

Unfortunately, cyberattacks of different varieties are becoming increasingly more common in this digital age, as data and private information are sought by criminals for a variety of reasons.

Have you lost data or had your personal or business data compromised?

The prevalence of these attacks can cost big businesses millions of pounds and bring small businesses to their knees.

We’ve seen it happen.

60 percent of companies that lose their data close down within six months of the disaster and a staggering 72 percent of businesses that suffer major data loss disappear within 24 months.

Don’t let that happen to you.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

The answer to that question is to speak to Geeforce Technologies.

We offer tools to screen emails, and we search the internet underworld for passwords relating to your business email addresses, thus keeping you protected from all manner of threats.

Whether you’ve fallen victim to a phishing scam, or your password has been compromised, we have both the expertise and the tools to get to the root of the problem.

Don’t leave your company open to internet scams. Contact Geeforce today.

As a trusted managed service provider (MSP) with over 15 years experience, we only use the best products to help keep you safe.

What is a managed service provider anyway?A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that remotely manages a client’s IT infrastructure and/or end user systems. This is done proactively and typically on a subscription basis, giving clients the peace of mind to continue with the running of their business.

Our advanced techniques and quality range of product partners enable us to clear up email streams and keep the viruses and other nasty emails at bay.

Phishing is a problem that isn’t going away any time soon, and whilst it costs businesses billions of pounds every year, the phishing process itself can be quite simple from a criminal’s point of view.

Simply by looking up the details of a business on Companies House, or by scrolling through contact details on LinkedIn, a criminal can arm themselves with all the information they need to socially engineer an attack.

You wouldn’t leave your office doors unlocked. Don’t become an easy target.

As with most things in life, prevention is definitely better than the cure and you can find our top tips for Cyber security on our blog, but what if it’s too late for prevention and you’re already in need of the cure?

The continuous evolution of these cyber threats can catch even the most vigilant of internet users off guard.That’s where we come in.

With a great deal of experience in dealing with a range of different cyberattacks, we can help you recover your valuable data and then protect it from further attacks down the line.

If your house had just been burgled, you’d probably change the locks. The same has to be done online.
Upon realising that you may have fallen victim to some sort of cyberattack, it can be very easy to panic, but Geeforce Technologies can take the stress out of this very stressful situation for you.

Contact Geeforce Technologies now for assistance and advice.

Data is a priceless commodity for any business or individual.

In fact, data is now considered to be more valuable than oil.

All those passwords and credit card details have made the illegal trade of personal data into a lucrative business opportunity for criminals around the world.

Remember, just because you can’t reach out and hold the data, doesn’t mean that it can’t be stolen or lost.

So what can you do about it?

Ring Geeforce Technologies.

Whatever media you have lost your data from, whether it’s hard disc, USB or an external hard drive, Geeforce Technologies can help you recover it.

Recover. Restore. Repair.

It’s what we do.

With innovative extraction and cleaning techniques, we can help recover hard drives, restore lost files and repair the integrity of your data and all that you use to keep it safe.

We can then help you develop a system that ensures that it never happens again.

With the arrival of the General Data Protection Act in 2018, the Government has laid down strict guidelines for the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) making everyone responsible for the way in which personal data is managed, stored and used.

Put simply, data must be used fairly, lawfully and transparently. This sounds like common sense, but protecting your own and your clients’ data is now more important than ever before, and not just because of the introduction of the Act.

Currently the information commission who enforce GDPR doesn’t appear to have any teeth, but with the like of British Airways being fined £183 Million, they will soon have money to employ staff to investigate smaller companies like yours.

The rapid evolution of cyberattacks from all over the world has put pressure on the online world, making data protection integral to the successful running of any business or organisation.

Geeforce Technologies offers advice and solutions to help you protect your data properly.

We advise our clients in order to ensure that they are compliant with everything they do.

Geeforce Technologies works with our clients and their employees to develop relevant policies and procedures that minimise risk and arm systems users with the knowledge to spot anything suspicious.

We believe that the piece of kit between the chair and the computer (your human firewall/ employee) is just as important as any piece of software you install, meaning that these systems, policies and procedures are vital to the successful running of any business.

We work with our clients to help them produce policies, procedures and training that are relevant and purposeful to their business.

The policies and procedures for one business may be entirely different to those of another, and so we work with our clients to develop their own.

The end goal of following our advice on policies and training is to safeguard the business from any kind of threat.

You have to think about whether employees are downloading things from torrent sites, or if they’re clued up on what to look out for in phishing emails.

Geeforce Technologies offers training and education for our clients and their staff, where activities such as sending out test phishing emails can pin point vulnerable people within your organisation.

This isn’t intended to point the finger at individuals, but is a great way of highlighting just how easy it is to fall victim to things like social engineering, ransomware or other targeted attacks.

Have a look at our case studies section to see how one company lost thousands of pounds due to poor training and education.

We work with our clients to provide this training and education, as well as creating bespoke policies and staff handbooks that safeguard their businesses for good.

A Cyber Security Audit is usually the first port of call when it comes to our relationship with a business.

We offer free IT Health Checks and then more in depth audits, which give clients the heads up on where their defences may be falling short.

If you have been with the same IT support provider for a number of years, and haven’t seen much change within your IT system, then you should be thinking about getting a second opinion.

Book a Free IT Health Check

Book a Cyber Security Audit

Ultimately, our goal is to help businesses achieve the Cyber Secure accreditation. This is a government scheme, which is required when bidding on contracts in government

organisations. Having this accreditation makes you a much more reliable and

trusted prospect for future clients and customers.

Cybersecure accreditation helps our clients win business, as many of their clients will only work with organisations who meet the strict criteria.

We will help you to:

  • Secure your internet connection
  • Secure your devices
  • Secure your software
  • Control access to data
  • Protect from viruses and malware
  • Keep devices and software up to date
  • Develop policies for password strength and renewal

In turn, this will help you to:

  • Reassure customers
  • Attract new business by showing you are cybersecure accredited
  • Understand your cyber security level
  • Meet Governmental contract requirements

Even if you already have a managed service provider who does all this, Geeforce Technologies can offer you a third party opinion on whether your systems are performing as they should.

Don’t rest on your laurels, it could cost you time and money.

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