IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Geeforce Technologies can help you get all of the components of your IT infrastructure working together in harmony.

When all the parts come together like this, and begin performing as a whole, you’ll really start to see the benefit of using us as your managed service provider.

Wireless Networking

Anyone can stick a wireless router on a table. The real art of wireless networking is to make it secure.

Cables and wires are becoming a thing of the past. They are unsightly, costly and at times problematic.

Wireless networking is now the obvious choice for homes and businesses where communication and collaboration between computers is necessary.

A high performing managed wireless network in the workplace can save time and money as soon as it is set up.

You can carry on with the day to day running of your business, safe in the knowledge that we’re looking after it all for you.

System users are able to work more effectively, more efficiently and more securely, in an environment where the clutter and chaos caused by wires are nothing but distant memories. Using managed wireless system allows us to report the top youtube and facebook users in your business, in short we can tell you what your users are doing on your network.

Geeforce Technologies specialises in connecting wireless networks of 5 or more computers, meaning that we are the perfect choice for the installation and set up of a wireless network for your business.

We enable businesses to work on their own secure networks, even when sharing infrastructure with other businesses in the same building.

If you’re still tripping over wires and searching for the right connecting leads, you’re well overdue and update to your networking systems.

Get in touch with Geeforce Technologies today and let us bring you up to speed with a slick and secure managed wireless network.

netyworking cables
network cabling

Inter-Office Network Connectivity

A good business is only as strong as its networks. That’s the network of people who work for the business, the network of contacts that those people connect with, but also the network that is a little more difficult to put your finger on.

Online networking, that which takes place within the same room, building and premises, as well as networking which takes place across the country, the continents and the whole of the planet, is something that is of vital importance to businesses of all kinds.

Geeforce Technologies has a wealth of experience when it comes to linking multiple offices together, enabling home working and managing remote worker systems.

If your network is poor, or lacking in some areas, there’s every chance that your business isn’t reaching everyone that it could or should, and that its maximum potential isn’t being reached.

Geeforce Technologies can bring your networking systems up to date, helping you connect with the right people, no matter if they’re half way around the room or half way around the world.


If you do have any cabling needs, Geeforce can help with this.

Most desk phones still rely on cabling and there are some sites and locations where wireless networking isn’t necessary, appropriate or available, meaning that cabling is still the best option for increasing connectivity.

By using Geeforce Technologies and our trusted installation suppliers, you’re not only giving yourself and your business the tools to perform right now, but you’re also future proofing your systems at the same time, as everything we do is undertaken with one eye on the future.

This is an absolute must in a world where new technologies and innovative methods seem to spring up on an almost daily basis.

If cabling is the solution that you and your business need, Geeforce Technologies and our partners are tried, tested and trusted in terms of setting you up for both today and tomorrow.

backing up data


Losing data is a nightmare for any business, and whether the cause is malicious or accidental, the problem is much the same.

Without proper back up in place, after 30 days, any lost data is gone for good.

Everyone can relate to that sinking feeling that arrives when ‘the computer has lost all the work’, which perhaps makes it all the more surprising that so many of us are still neglecting to back things up.

The dawn of things like Office 365, as well as new and improved versions of Autosave have definitely caused a bit of a scene change in this area, as backup becomes increasingly automated, but there is still so much that you could and probably should be doing in order to keep your documents, data and digital details backed up.

Geeforce Technologies advises users to take measures such as setting up remote backup, using cloud back up services and maintaining high performance encryption detection.

All it takes is one click on a link, on a web page or in an email and all of a sudden you can find that every single computer in you business becomes encrypted. Don’t take the risk.

So you back up your data to One Drive but did you know if you use OneDrive as your sole data repository, Microsoft do not back this up. There is a recycle bin that will save deleted items for 30 days, but after that it is gone forever.

Just because you’re using drives and the cloud, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your data is as safe as it could be.

The back up we provide takes a copy of your data and emails every single night and can store this for up to 30 years.

Can you afford not to do that?

Contact us to safeguard your data today.

There are so many ways of keeping yourself ‘backed up’ that it can seem overcomplicated.

Let Geeforce Technologies take care of your backup needs for you and in the mean time, head to the blog for more of that advice.

We offer infinite back up for your valuable data, so that even if everything was lost to a flood or a fire, you’d still be able to rely on the fact that your data was safe and sound.

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